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Guidlines for being listed

We're a travel oriented web site and we like to list a wide range of travel related companies, especially the smaller specialist companies who can be hard to find. We only accept sites which are related to travel in some way and we prefer to list end point suppliers.

As a rough guide: We won't list sites that do things we could do ourseleves, such as list hotels or flights, we will list sites from tour operators, specialist travel agents, hotels, resorts or travel websites that our visitors would find interesting.

E.g. if you're offering wine tours of Provence or walking tours of Prague and people can book directly with you then we will list you. If you're just listing hotels through affiliate merchants that we can go through then we won't list you.

Our decision is final and mostly subjective. If we like the look of it we'll add it, if we don't we won't

The steps to get listed are ;

  1. You sign up giving us your details and a brief description of what you do
  2. You'll then get an email from us inviting you to activate your account. This allows us to verify that you've entered your email correctly.
  3. We review your site and decide if we like it or not
  4. If we do like it then we'll send you an email and allow you to start adding your content
  5. You then login with the credentials you supply when you fill in the form below. Once you've logged in you can start adding your content and classifing yourself in the different categories and locations. We'll trust you not to write any text that is inappropriate.
  6. From time to time we'll review the content you've written to make sure it's acceptable, and sometimes to offer advice on how to make the text more attractive to visitors and search engines so they can find your listings
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