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Accu Weather
Radar, satallite, meteorlogical - mostly for the USA but also worldwide weather
Aviation Home
Satellite and radar images of the weather
Weather for today and outlook. UK satellite and radar. Details of the year so far
Climate Prediction Center
US long-term predictions for hurricanes, drought
UK Hydrographic Office's FREE OnLine tidal prediction service for over 6,000 ports worldwide
World radar, satellite, GOLFcast, STARcast, SAILcast and ski weather
Met Office
Weather forecast for inshore UK waters
Met Office
3-day forecasts and monthly UK prospect including specific regions as well as worldwide weather
National Interagency Fire Centre
Reports forest fires in the US under National Fire News
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
US and international service includes aviation, marine and space centres, as well as storm and tropical prediction
Ski Club
Up-to-date reports on over 250 ski resorts worldwide
Snow Forecast
Three day snow forecasts worldwide
US weather channel for US golf, ski and travel as well as weather worldwide. Also has a centigrade to fahrenheit converter
Forecasts and hurricane coverage worldwide
World Climate
Average temperature and rainfall for each month.
World Meteorological Office
UN weather authority and forcasting agency
Worldwide weather
Yachting & Boating World
Shipping forecast and inshore weather forecast

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