Travel Complaints around The World

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Association of British Travel Agents - Lists most of the travel agencies in the UK and where to register a complaint
Air Transport Users Council
Consumer council for anyone who has an airline complaint. Watchdog that can advise on your rights
Association of Independent Tour Operators - Details of independent tour operators in the UK
Ask Rumpole
Quick, cheap answers by solicitors to legal questions
Search facility for checking out the licence of holiday operators in the UK
Conde Nast Traveller
Details of top hotels, "word of mouth", slide shows and travellers' tales
Court Service
For customers who have not reached a solution with their travel company, they can take their complaint to their local small-claims court (less than £5,000) - needs to be done within 28 days of returning from holiday
Desk Top Lawyer
Four standard legal letters can be purchased concerning lost luggage, compensation claims, unrealised travel expectations and flight delays
Financial Ombudsman Service
Free service which advises about unresolved financial complaints, such as travel insurance
Holiday Travel Watch
Independent organisation that advises on behalf of holidaymakers who have had difficult holidays
Irwin Mitchell
Law firm specialising in holiday and travel litigation
Law for All
American site which provides international regulations and advice on hotel, car rental and airline passenger rights
Trading Standards Institute
Consumer protection - also deals with car rental, flight-only and hotel-only complaints
Travel Trust Association
Covers smaller independent companies
US State Department
International judicial systems around the world

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