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Association of British Travel Agents - Lists most of the travel agencies in the UK and where to register a complaint
Association of Independent Tour Operators - Details of independent tour operators in the UK
Lists companies that hold ATOL licenses, business reports, consumer advice section provides a helpline and claim forms are available on the bond claim section
BAA - Airport information
British Tourist Board
Promotes the UK internationally
Chartered Institute of Marketing - Travel Industry Group
Hotelier website with over 23,500 pre-selected and categorized hotel-industry links
European Tour Operators' Association - monitors European legislation which might affect tourism businesses and lobbies the European Commission on many aspects of tourism
European Travel Commission
ETC - Promotes Europe as a tourist destination overseas
Eye for Travel
E-commerce association for the travel industry
Guild of British Travel Agents
GBTA - Mission, background and partners
Hotel and Catering International Management l Association - UK hotel and catering association
IATA - Lists industry events, products and services
International Civil Aviation Organization - Develops, adopts and amends aircraft standards
International Council of Cruise Lines - Site includes data about safety, waste management and medical facilities - represent 16 US passenger cruise lines
Paris MOU
Lists safety data on ships from North America to Europe
Passenger Shipping Association
PSA - Provides a list of British Isles members
Tourism Concern
Resource on ethical and sustainable tourism
Tourism Society, The
Network for tourism professionals
Tour Operators Initiative
Initiative for sustainable tourism development
Travel Daily News
Daily newsletter for travel and tourism professionals around the world
Travel Trade Gazette
UK travel trade paper
Travel Weekly
See 'links' sections for a list of over 40 travel associations
Travel Weekly Crossroads
News source for the travel industry
World Tourism Organisation
WTO - General information about the organisation, press releases and information about international trade
World Travel and Tourism Council
"Global leaders' forum for Travel & Tourism", which seeks to make governments aware of the importance of tourism to national economies

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