Safaris around The World

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Worldwide adventure holidays including tailor-made and round the world trips. Staff specialise on specific destinations - this means the destination knowledge comes from someone who's actually been there
Aardvark Safaris
Tailor made safaris with guides throughout Africa
AAT Kings
4WD wilderness safaris, camping adventures and outback tours in Australia and NZ
Cazenove & Loyd Safaris
Safaris to Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar
CC Africa
Conservation Corporation Africa has guided and walking safaris staying in "bush luxe" comfort
Adventure safari tours in Africa
Dallago Tours
Safaris to Kenya and Tanzania, camping, luxury, by air, or mountain climbing
Family safaris to East Africa and Zanzibar
E-GNU Traveller
Includes 300 top safari lodges, exclusive retreats and hotels in southern Africa - search by packages, accommodation, safari or country
Safaris across Africa, Egypt and from Europe to Africa
Elephant back safaris and camel safaris across the Sinai or in Ladakh, "Little Tibet", and in parts of Africa
Exploration Company The
Tailor-made safaris and holidays to East and Southern Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, India, South America and the Galapagos Islands
Explore Worldwide
90 countries worldwide for safaris, river and sea journeys, rambles and hikes
Safaris, treks, and walking holidays in South and Central America, Africa and Asia
Hoopoe Adventure Tours
Safari and beach holidays to Kenya and Tanzania - virtual safari on web site
Kgori Safaris
Luxury lodge and eco safaris in Botswana
Nature Expeditions India
Trekking and safaris in the Himalayas, and central & southern India
Okavango Tours & Safari Consultants
Balloon, horseback, rafting, walking and elephant backed safaris in Africa
Trekking, safaris, cruises and expeditions from 5 days to 4 months worldwide
Raylenne Tours & Safaris
Safaris to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya-Tanzania, and Kenya-Uganda
Roxton Bailey Robinson Worldwide
10 countries in Africa as well as Indian Ocean islands
Safari Consultants
Safaris to Africa, Indian Ocean Islands and Nepal
Safari Drive
Guided mobile safaris in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and other African countries
Safari Line Africa
Air, game and luxury safaris either camping or in exclusive resorts in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda
Links to over 70 safari companies in Africa with unbiased information on lodges and camps
Fairly-traded, tailor made or small group holidays incl: African safaris, culture & wildlife of Ecuador and Peru, plus India, Nepal and North Africa.
Truck Africa
Overland camping safaris for 3 to 30 weeks
Volcanoes Safaris
Rwanda and Uganda tours to see gorillas, chimps, birds and wildlife generally
Wild Dog
Database of adventure - 10,000 holidays which include camel trekking, birdwatching to hot air ballooning

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