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Online restaurant reservations in London
Browns Restaurants
UK locations and menus
Caffé Uno
Menus and virtual tours - Italian cuisine
UK order and reserve service for tables or take away services
Good Pub Guide The
Pubs in Britain - need to register first
Global guide to vegetarian restaurants
Jim Thompson's Flaming Wok
Locations and menus - in the South East UK
Les Routiers
Restaurants and Hotels in the UK
London Eats
Directory of 2,700 restaurants in London. Site can be searched according to type of food, area or name
Make real-time, online reservations in the US and UK soon
Oriental Restaurant Group
9 Oriental groups - Thai, Chinese and Indian meals
Restaurant Row
Charges $5 a booking or $8 a month, and makes reservations at any of 170,000 restaurants in more than 13,000 cities world-wide
Russell Davies
Lists of some recommended cafes/snack bars in the UK where you can get a good cup of tea or traditional egg, bacon, chips and beans - many in London
Taste of Scotland
400 restaurants and tea rooms in Scotland. Also includes reviews and maps
Time Out
Details of restaurants in 33 cities worldwide
Top Table
500 restaurants in and around London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester; and Paris. Site includes description of cuisine, contact details and maps. Tables can be booked free of charge
Route planner, maps, tourist information, hotels and restaurants throughout Europe
World Guide to Vegetarianism
List of vegetarian friendly restaurants in the US, Canada, Europe, Australasia and other countries

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