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Imagine you're somewhere else

Like a warm tropical beach with a cold mango drink and nothing much to do for the rest of the afternoon. Or maybe a weekend trip to Amsterdam or New York. Anywhere a long way from work.

We've set this site up to make it easy for you to find your next holiday and we're improving it as time goes by. You're welcome to just browse, dream, and make a list of places you'd like to go. We're adding more locations and things to do every day.

We've brought together lots of sources of information for your travel so you can easily flip back and forth checking out prices or even just look at the pictures and dream of this years holiday while you should be working (yes we know most people check this site during work hours, it's OK we won't tell)

Below is a listing of the main categories we cover and as you explore the site you'll see the menus at the top of the page show the same categories. On the left are the territories you can explore. As we add more information we'll cover more places.

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If we've missed out something you think should be here, then tell us about it here

Most Popular : Airport Information, Budget Flights, Hotels, Airport Parking, Holidays

I’ve put these items together as they’re the most searched for topics.

Budget Airlines We’re collecting information on airlines from around the world so you can easily find which airlines from from where to where and link to their websites. It’s not fully ready yet so come back in a few weeks when it is.

Other flights Airlines that aren’t what you’d call budget airlines. National carriers and other like British Airways and KLM. Surprisingly you can often get a better price on some routes than with the cheap airlines.

Airport Information Mostly links to UK airports. Slowly being expanded to be able to get arrivals and departures for almost all airports around the world.

Package Holidays are always popular an easy way to get a good holiday at a bargain price. We’re listing all the main players and some not so well known groups as well. Also check out the Holiday Wall for a list of major companies.

Weekend Breaks Why not treat yourself, the Euro may be up against the pound but hotel chains are offering some very keen prices to attract customers. Or go wild and take a weekend break in New York. Maybe a weekend in a country house in the New Forest would suit you.

Holiday Special Offers Something to keep an eye on. There are always good deals for the taking, but not always where you want to go. If you keep up to date as the deals change you could get yourself a nice break at a nice price.

Caravans & Campsites One of our most popular search terms. So we’re expanding our listings in this area.

Travel Auction Ebay! Oh and others. Yes you can sell your holiday online, or buy a holiday from some of the major chains when they put unsold stock up for auction. Something to keep an eye on.


Holidays : Holidays 2009. Specialist, interesting and different holidays

This is where we put all the specialist holiday categories. These are a mix of the large holiday companies and many smaller outfits. In fact most of the independent travel companies listed here come under one of these special categories.

Skiing Plenty of early snow this year, even in Scotland, so you can avoid the Euro exchange rate.

Adventure Holidays If lying on the beach or sightseeing isn’t to your tastes then you can look at these.

Disney Holidays Great for the kids.

Spas & Health Breaks Treat yourself, you’re worth it! Lots of spas health resorts, ayurveda and yoga retreats listed here.

Canal & Rivers If mucking about in boats, but without the big waves takes your fancy this is for you.

Wedding Holidays Get married somewhere warm, or just have a tropical honeymoon. Listing of companies who will arrange a fabulous day for you.

Cookery Holidays I never realised you could go on holiday and learn to cook until I created this web site. Lots of places in Italy, Greece, Spain and France where you can learn how to cook the local cuisine in idylic surroundings. This is the theme I chose for the picture on the right.

Birdwatching Holidays Organised tours to selected locations for viewing rare or interesting birds and wild animals.

Sailing Holidays If you like mucking around in boats and you don’t mind the big waves this is for you. Sailing holidays in the Med, Carribean, South-East Asia, Africa and other dream worthy places.

Self-Drive holidays Companies that help you get your car to your holiday and back again. Ferry bookings, advice & etc.

Diving Holidays Tour operators specialising in diving, PADI training, liveaboards, exotic locations.

Specialist Holidays Special, but not special enough to have their own categories.

Ecological Holidays Eco-tours, rainforest tours, national parks, helping conservation work.

Language Learning Learn something new and useful while you’re on holiday and make new friends. French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Russian, you name it.

Safaris Big Cat Live up close and personal. Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia. The experience of a life time.

Holidays for 8 to 18s Something for active children and young adults.

Horse Riding Holidays Great fun. Ireland, Britain, America, France.

Golfing Holidays If you like that sort of thing.

Singles Holidays Travel for single people.

Spiritual Holidays Find yourself. Yoga, meditation, transcendental mediation retreats and courses, tai chi, self-development. In Spain, Greece, Italy, Britain, India, Sri-Lanka, Australia, America.

Working Holidays Go abroad, meet new friends, learn about other cultures and earning money while doing it.


Accommodation : Villas, Appartments, B&B, Resorts, Cabins, Castles

This is all types of accommodation except hotels which are in “most popular”

Villas Lots of villa booking companies from around the world.

Apartments Lots of apartment booking companies from around the world

Bed & Breakfast Lots of B&B booking companies from around the world. This section is being expanded to host individual properties.

Castles Stay the night in a castle, or rent one for a special event.

Cottages Cottages and gites around Europe for idylic holidays.

Historic Houses To visit, stay in or hire for an event.

Disabled Accommodation with disabled access.

Holiday Parks & Resorts Butlins, Center Parcs and so on.

House swapping What fun! A list of companies that arrange exchanges so you get to stay in someone else’s house while they stay in yours.


Misc. Travel : Miscellaneous Travel Topics

A collection of topics that don’t fit anywhere else.

If you see things that you think we should add, or a topic category you’d like us to add then please contact us


Other Transport : Other Transport

This section is for all transport not covered in “Most Popular”

Car Hire Good rates from car hire companies around the world.

Ferries Ferry companies and ferry booking web sites

Coach Hire And coach tours

Helicopter Charter Treat yourself to some fun.

Rail Travel Rail companies around the world, and rail booking web sites.

Private Plane Charter If you really need it.

Tube, Metro & Subways Maps and information for metros around the world.


Useful Travel Info : Useful Travel Info

A list of topics for general travel questions and answers. “Do I need malaria tablets for Singapore”, type of thing (A. No)


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